Setting the good selling price and shipping on time are key for a successful crowdfunding campaign

Usine IO has crafted a dedicated program to prepare your hardware product crowdfunding campaign.

By joining the program, you’ll go through our in-house checklist to make sure mistakes are avoided and your future costs optimized. The perfect guide to be fully ready to engage with your backers during your campaign and be confident in your post-campaign manufacturing.

The program

- Open to all, no equity, YOU keep the control

- A 2 hour weekly meeting (face-to-face or through video-conference) with our expert team during an 8 week program

- Get a validated checklist of crowdfunding platform requirements and an efficient roadmap for your product development and manufacturing validated by the main crowdfunding platform

- You do the job based on our framework, tips and guidelines

- Fully confidential

The team

- Usine IO has hosted and accelerated more than 300 hardware projects over this last year

- 5 industrial experts are available for project coaching and follow-ups

- Our fields of expertise: mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, industrial design, CAD/CAM, manufacturing


They launched their project with us

#Electricmood on Indiegogo - their campaign here

#MixStick on Kickstarter - the campaign here


Warchest : 630€ TTC/month (525€ HT)

One Usine IO membership included

No registration fees


The program lasts 2 months minimum

The program can be extended if needed


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Other testimonials

Building a hardware startup is a crazy adventure, it’s hard, you can’t do it alone, and you can’t possibly know everything from scratch. Usine IO’s team covers a wide range of expertise and they were always able to help us out when we were stuck on a specific issue. Combine that with a space with all the machines a maker could dream of. I knew I would feel at home at Usine. It was exactly the place I needed to develop my project and be able to proudly show it on Kickstarter.
— Raphael TERRIER
USINE IO is not a fablab nor a usual start-up nursery. USINE IO is a smart and effective solution to help you prototype and turn your ideas into an industrial reality. You’ll find full access to industrial tools and machines you need, but more importantly you will benefit from an experienced team. And that’s what really makes the difference at the end of the day: you are surrounded by many experts of different fields, able to teach you various techniques and build concrete industrial solutions.
We, at WB Technologies, are developing smart sensing solutions for Wired-beauty™. USINE IO experts worked for the launch of our kickstarter MAPO™’s like « good fairies » around a baby’s cradle. They helped us to explore in a structured way different processes for the industrialization of MAPO™, they challenged and shared ideas, networks of experts’ SME.
You’ll find many theories in business books on how to accelerate the time to market for innovative products. Don’t waste time reading the books : come at USINE IO. Problem solving catalyzer and Time to Market accelerator, that’s what they did for us and will do for you. USINE IO is a community place but allows for private & confidential project management : your ideas, problems and solutions remains yours, and that’s also an important feature.
— Jean-Roch MEUNIER
A hardware crowdfunding project can not exist without a functional prototype.
With Usine IO we have found the place and the expertise that helped us finalize our first prototype. As Usine IO members, we have access to a complete workshop equipped with state of the art hardware and software tools for hardware prototyping and, even more importantly, help from experts in many areas like CAD/CAM, electronics and DfM among other things.
Thanks to Usine IO, we were quickly able to make the video that turned our Indiegogo campaign into a great success.