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Batch #1 : Autonomous & Connected vehicle -> Air, Ground, Sea


Corporate partners


Ecosystem partners



The program

FOCUS' first batch will be dedicated to autonomous and connected vehicles. Technical and business expertise will be provided by our teams in collaboration with our academic and industrial partners in AI, automotive and equipment. Our goal is to leverage our mix of tech and business expertise to bring the startup a first commercial deployment at a pilot scale.

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Mostly internationally-based startups but also open to startups based in Paris/France. Two-person team minimum including at least one technical profile (e.g. embedded systems expert, mechanical engineer, AI Phd, etc).

Program benefits

#Functional prototypes
#Manufacturing launch
#European networking including access to main players
#Direct market feedback and insight from key stakeholders
#Assistance with strategic partnerships or sales
#Guaranteed progress through the product development phase on the TRL scale

Perks, support and guidance

4 technical meetings per months with our internal team of experts in the following fields:
#Industrial processes
#Embedded systems
#Supply chain

2 business meetings per month, including
#Business model review / refinement
#Go-to-market strategy
#Targeted connections to relevant network contacts
#Support during real business meeting

Access to dedicated experimental zones in Paris, including fully-equipped prototyping workshops
Up to four dedicated spots in Paris at STATION F, the world’s largest startup incubator


Four months with an option for two months

Selection criteria

The application period will run until 10 September 2017.
The first batch of 10 startups will be selected by 25 September 2017.

Selected startups will have the choice between:

  • Equity-based partnership / classic accelerator model (3%)
  • Commission-based partnership limited in time / on the first revenues generated by the company (5% between 2018 - 2021)

Simplified process to get a Visa

All you need is here :

Usine IO's track record & Alumni

Currently, Usine IO is supporting more than 400 hardware startups every year via access to advanced in-house expertise in mechanics, manufacturing, electronics and robotics - including access to a worldwide, vetted industrial network and high-tech prototyping lab. Usine IO is considered one of the most-prolific hardware hubs worldwide. Our alumni include companies like Stanley Robotics, Gaius Automotive, Timescope, Akoustic Arts, Wired Beauty, Suricog, Redbird, Percko, Groupeer ou Arioneo. Usine IO is also part of the French Tech Ticket program for international startup acceleration.

These two Usine IO alumni are examples of the kinds of startups we’re looking for to fuel this program:

Stanley Robotics, France : Stanley Robotics is a highly-ambitious robotics startup launched in January 2015. Set to revolutionize the car-parking world with an automated valet service, their robots can safely park and retrieve any vehicle.

Gaius Automotive (FTT Laureate), Taiwan : Gaius is creating the future of green urban mobility by synthesizing and evolving every constituent of a nascent EV-enabled ecosystem to supports healthy, sustainable urban mobility and living. 

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