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Industrial coaching service to help you boost your product development.

Our promise is to provide support to hardware project leaders in defining, designing, prototyping, iterating, marketing and industrialising their product.

Speed up the design of innovative products tailored towards both the end user and the market, drawing upon our experience coaching more than 550 projects.

No bidding process.
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From 490 euros (excluding tax) per month.






"Where is my project heading ?"

Our coaches will help you to gain better perspective with regular progress meetings and project reviews covering technical, design and marketing aspects. Our technical overview meetings will steer you towards the most effective way to test your idea, concept and product ( from prototyping to DFM...etc)

"How do I make the right choices ?"

Our team will challenge you to refine the product, make technical decisions and learn how to decipher dialogue documents with various industrial stakeholders. Our design methodology will therefore save you time.

"Who will help me ?"

Your project will require a wide range of expertise ; our coaches have their own, but they will also be able to guide you through our industrial network to seek the most appropriate resources, whether that's suppliers or trade experts.




Oranges jackets! 

Once you've booked a meeting, a team member - a coach in an orange jacket - will see you in one of our rooms.

Experimentation zone

Dedicated to assembly and experimentation, exclusively available to project leaders, this worshop was specially set out to alter and assemble prototypes.

Processes and materials showroom

This inspirational and educational space was designed to showcase and illustrate our product development methodology.

Industrial partners network

Our partners, such as production and outsourcing professionals, consultants, legal experts, designers, electronics specialists and process engineering specialists, have a special relationship with Usine IO and its experts which is of benefit to project leaders. By joining the Usine IO community you can call upon 700 industrial partners at any stage of your project.

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The team


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