What we offer

Tailor-made industrial coaching

We will help speed up your product development. We tailor our industrial coaching package according to how far along your project is, whether you're just starting out, a SME or a major corporation. 


  • 490 € (excl. tax)/ month - offer only available to companies less than 3 years old. 

  • 3900 € (excl. tax)/ month for all other companies, without commission 

No bidding process
No equity
No commitments

Our support package in detail

  • Initial product review meeting to devise a progress schedule and objectives
  • Project tracking, mimimum of two customised meetings per month
  • Technical expertise, mimimum of 2 targeted meetings per month
  • Tailor-made workshops with specific content adapted to the progress of the project.
  • Technical hotline
  • Usine IO network activation: technical, communications and business spheres
  • Networking with the ecosystem during our technological events
Evolution, from first sketches to first mockups, to prototypes and mass produced items

Evolution, from first sketches to first mockups, to prototypes and mass produced items


Daily support


Global principles

You can rely on us to structure your approach and to answer any industry based questions; you are still the one in control of delivering your project.
Our discussions are strictly confidential. What's more you can make endless use of the advice and ideas generated in meetings.
You pick the most convenient time slots to converse with our team.
You will be able to access our network and prototyping space as soon as you reach a stage that requires it. During this experimental phase, you willl be able to access CAD workstations, electronic workbenches and a rapid prototyping workshop.
Storage of your things is possible at an extra cost.

Some key assets

  • Understand the power of the IO method and tools
  • Get familiar with user-centered design and acquire the mindset to design things for human beings
  • Think through user scenarios to establish what functions are really required
  • Successfully link these functions with the technology required to provide them
  • Analyse competitors' product architecture (reverse engineering)
  • Get advice about the most effective way of testing something
  • Find answers to your technical questions
  • Widen your project’s research field
  • Understand all sorts of technical documents
  • Learn how to write concise and tailored technical specifications
  • Discover how to use existing pieces to model and prove concepts effectively
  • Solve problems thanks to our range of technical expertise
  • Be challenged, so you can take a step back and re-think project priorities
  • Become accustomed to communicating about your product
  • Get advice from our partners about intellectual property and funding

Are you working on an innovative product and wanting to speed up business development? You may be interested in our FOCUS program hosted at Station F, Paris, France.